All natural bristles are dependable substitutions for applications where synthetic filaments are not suited. “Mother Nature” provides a wide variety of natural bristles such as horsehair, goat hair, tampico and hog hair for industrial applications. Artist brushes use natural bristles including bristle, ox hair, sable, and camel hair.


Relatively scarce and expensive. This material has characteristics that set it apart as the best natural filling material for a wide variety of bristle brushes. Each strand of bristle has a natural taper from the butt or flesh end to the tip, giving it resilience not found in other hairs. In addition, the tip end of each bristle is naturally split into two or more branches called the flag. Hog bristle has a slightly stiff to very stiff texture and is brown or black in color excellent for ESD applications. It has excellent durability and water resistance.

Horse Hair :

Horsehair is produced from the mane or tail hair and each provide a different stiffness and texture. It is best known for its ability to polish without being abrasive while cleaning the surface. This natural bristles is excellent for picking up dust and fine powders. Horsehair can be mixed with other natural bristles, synthetic and wire materials for specific customer applications. Horsehair colors include brown, black, mixed grey, silver grey and white.


The hair of the red sable is the most valuable of all soft hairs. It is very fine, has strong, sharp points and great elasticity and carries color well. Red sable hair makes the finest artists’ brushes, being particularly suited for use with Japan colors, oil colors and heavy-bodied sign-writing materials, and is best for fine lettering. Pure red sable hair has a perpetual taper, creating the finest point possible on a bristle brush.


Goat Hair is a very fine, soft natural bristles either black or white in color. It is used for very short trim soft brushes. Goat hair has a blunt tip, but retains large volume of fluid.


Tampico is a natural produced from the Agave plant in Mexico. It has exceptional water retention characteristics, excellent biodegradability, superior heat and chemical resistance. Soft to medium texture and will soften when it absorbs water. It is able to withstand high temperatures without melting, but will discolor.


This hair is rarely used alone. Combined with Chinese hog bristle, it makes excellent sign writer’s brushes. Grey skunk hair from eastern and western Europe has been found to be ideal for bristle brushes used in the Manufacturer of shade cloth.





Filament offers a combination of excellent bend recovery, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. All nylons absorb water in wet conditions reducing the filament stiffness. Nylon has the highest heat deflection temperature, but is prone to oxidation embrittlement with long exposures to high temperatures. Nylon filaments are made with different characteristics, available in crimped or level (straight) fibers, several filament diameters, and colors. Nylon filaments range from .003” to .090” diameters.


Provides a good durable nylon with good recovery, temperature stability and abrasion resistance at a low cost.

NYLON 6.6 :

Top quality, medium-priced with higher stiffness, recovery, and abrasion resistance than type 6. It has the highest heat distortion temperature of the three nylons at 300º F.

NYLON 6.12 :

Superior type nylon used in applications calling for low water absorption. It has excellent bend recovery, and abrasion resistance. This is the highest-grade nylon and they resist rot and mildew and discourage bacterial growth. Type 6.12 Nylon bristles are FDA approved and widely used in medical brushes, pharmaceutical brushes and food service brushes.


A durable thermoplastic that offers good chemical resistance and is ideal for high heat and corrosive environments. Peek provides excellent flexural and tensile strength up to 480º F and is a great alternative to Teflon.


a soft durable material suitable for applications where abrasion is to be avoided. These flexible bristles are very efficient for thorough washing and polishing of delicate fruits and vegetables. Polyethylene is ideal for soft wiping instead of a brushing action.


Polypropylene is a top quality and versatile filament for a wide variety of applications. It has excellent wet stiffness and flex fatigue resistance. Inert to most solvents, oils and chemicals and is especially good at resisting strong acids and bases. Good bend recovery, but susceptible to taking a set more easily than other synthetic materials.


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