About Us

Whether you are a professional Painter or a Decorator, Bharat Braush Agencies offers the widest range of professional decorating supplies in the India. Bharat Brush Agencies is manufacturing and suppling of wide range of brushes & rollers.The brushes are many types such as Water Paint Brushes, Oil Paint Brushes, Artist Brushes, Glue Application Brushes, Sweeping Brushes, Printing Machine Brushes, Corner Brushes, General Cleaning Brushes, and Paint Rollers etc, all items are stocked and are available for a next day delivery. We an independently owned online decorating supplies company and have gained a wealth of experience working within the trade decorating supplies industry. Our products are trade quality which means they are designed for repeated trade use! We select all our listed decorating supplies on the basis of exceptional quality and performance.

Paint Brushes

Bharat Brush Agencies decorating tools range includes the India’s widest range of more than 50 paint brushes. This range includes both natural bristle paint brushes and synthetic filament paint brushes. We select a wide range of high quality branded paint brushes from the World's leading paint brush Manufacturers. Trade specified decorating tools such as paint brushes reduces paint application times but also increases the paint brushes life span. The Bharat Brush paint brushes range also include specialist use paint brushes, for example; Sash paint brushes, Fitch paint brushes, Masonry paint brushes, Basic paint brushes, Striker paint brushes, Industrial paint brushes, Angled paint brushes, Duster brushes, Wallpapering brushes and Varnish brushes. All listed paint brushes are available for sale individually or in paint brush sets or multi packs. For further paint brushes advice, please refer to ‘Paint Brush Advice’ for further information.

Paint Rollers

Bharat Brush Agencies decorating supplies include the widest range of paint rollers this includes paint roller refills, paint roller frames which hold the paint rollers refills. High quality decorating tools such as paint rollers can significantly reduce the paint rollers application times and reduce the overall cost of decorating supplies as they have a much longer working life span. The Bharat Brush web site lists the largest range of paint rollers available in the India and link the paint rollers to paint or coating type. Bharat Brush Agencies also offer a wide range of paint rollers such as Roller Takcher (size is from 2 Inch to 7 Inch), Roller Polister White (size is from 1 Inch to 2 Inch), Roller Fom White (size is from 1 Inch to 2 Inch), Roller Velvet (size is 1 Inch), Roller Multi use (size is form 2 Inch to 9 Inch). Bharat Brush Agencies also match the paint rollers to the surface smoothness this ensures the correct paint rollers are purchased. Bharat Brush range of decorating supplies online also offer an extensive range of paint rollers frames or paint rollers handles these allow the paint rollers refills to be loaded with paint ready for application. Also required for working with paint rollers are extension poles, these commonly come with either screw fit or push fit attachments and it is important to match the extension pole with the paint rollers frames. For further paint rollers information please refer to the Bharat Brush Agencies ‘Paint Roller Advice’ section.